The Climb to Mt. Kedarkantha

  A cold wind swept through bringing in its wake a flurry of ice crystals that stung my eyes. Biting sub-zero cold seeped through the balaclava and caressed my face. ‘Yes…that’s it…sabash…just a few meters more’ the guide’s voice floated through pre-dawn darkness. ‘Don’t look up or down just watch your steps’ the voice drawled... Continue Reading →


UFO Studies – Winning the Perception Battle

Mars InSight lander which landed on the red planet ten days ago has sent a first-ever audio recording of the sound of wind as it swirls through the dusty Martian soil. It is eerie and somehow brings to my mind huge spaceships moving ponderously towards strange planets! Our fascination with space and what it holds... Continue Reading →

Will B-school teachers rise to the challenge?

In 1998, American biologist E.O. Wilson, in an influential book, pointed out that the greatest endeavour of the mind has been and will be the attempted linkage of the sciences and humanities. He called it “consilience”, borrowing the term from philosopher William Whewell, and described it as a “jumping together” of knowledge across disciplines. Fragmentation... Continue Reading →

QWERTY — Me? Change? Never!

Things change. We know that. But, there are exceptions too.  Right under our fingertips is something that has remained totally untouched for more than 130 years now! It’s hard to believe, but the rows of letters that decorate our keyboards have resisted all attempts at change. QWERTY, as it is often called, representing the first... Continue Reading →

Stone Age Managers

If you had ever wondered as to why in organisations, even after a lot of top management exhortations and series of workshops on creativity, people simply refuse to think out-of-the-box? Or Why is that many employees are unable to digest constructive criticisms about one’s performance Or How could you explain the immortality of hierarchy despite... Continue Reading →

A Small Slice of Athens

If you are flying on a clear, sunny day towards the Greece mainland and are occupying a window seat I suggest that you raise the shutter of your window.  Even if the passenger next to you sighs his or her disapproval at the blinding cone of sunlight, just ignore it and have a look outside. Scattered... Continue Reading →

Muktheshwar – A Place with a View

All the birds have flown up and gone;  A lonely cloud floats leisurely by. We never tire of looking at each other. Only the mountain and I Li Po (701-762) The Himalayan ranges do camouflage well. One could be staring at a swirl of dark clouds and haze and never suspect that underneath the dirty... Continue Reading →

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