The morality of machines and the fight of the Luddites

We (Anantha Nageswaran and I) published this recently in Mint (11/6/19) newspaper. A theme that we like to write about: the unabashed adoption of technology without calibrating for context nor calculating costs and benefits. Two months ago, we wrote that the important question was not whether machines must be taught morals but whether machines were... Continue Reading →


Stones, Gods and Belief: Ancient Temples of Bali

Sarong-clad women with flowers tucked in their hair were engaged in a ritual which looked very familiar. In small stone altars, present in most of the houses and street corners, these women placed a pile of colorful things. Bright, green leaves made up the bottom or in some cases it was a small plate woven... Continue Reading →

When Teams Make Disastrous Decisions

I, like many others, remain an advocate of team-based decisions in organizations. In some of my early Linkedin posts I have highlighted the benefits teams confer on organizations and also individuals. But in all this glare of goodness that surrounds teamwork we should not loose sight of the fact that sometimes teams can also blunder... Continue Reading →

Milliseconds and Millions of Dollars

Last evening I had posted on Linkedin my take on the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) levying a penalty on National Stock Exchange (NSE) for lapses in algorithmic trading. That brought to my mind Michael Lewis’s wonderful book Flashboys, which lifted a part of the black curtain that covers high frequency trading (HFTs)... Continue Reading →

Machines and Moral Choices

Our article on AI and decision-making was published on The Mint 15/4/2019 (Co-author: V Anantha Nageswaran) -- Take a look! If technology magazines are to be believed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would have to make moral choices in the very near future. Drones in a war zone would have to decide—and decide quickly—whether to drop a... Continue Reading →

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