Behaviors during times of crisis: Will it last?

A version of this, co-authored with V Anantha Nageswaran, was published in the Financial Express on 2/1/21. In the last few months whenever we had stepped out of our houses, either to buy grocery or fill fuel, ourhands have involuntarily checked for the mask and the small sanitizer pack, just like it does for thewallet... Continue Reading →

I woke up to…birds

The dark cloud of the shutdown has a few thin silver linings. Pleasant sights and sounds that were grimed over by the urban glare and din have reemerged, cleansed as it were, by the absence of dust and traffic. Urbanites, across the globe, have seen spectacles that seem straight out of a post-apocalyptic novel. I... Continue Reading →

The 2000-year-old machine that predicts…

The book Decoding Heavens by Jo Marchant introduced me to a strange artefact. Salvaged from a two-thousand-year-old shipwreck near the Greek island of Antikythera the device, when fished out of the wreckage around 100 years back, resembled an eroded lump of uneven rock with some strange markings and what appeared to be a small gear... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of an uber-conservationist

Long before nature conservation entered popular vocabulary there had been lonely voices that kept it afloat. These individuals did not smother the readers with voluminous reports, survey numbers or longitudinal data to drive home the importance of natural heritage and the need to conserve it. Instead, they painted pretty, and at the same time, alarming... Continue Reading →

Wild Cities

The lockdown has brought some strangeness to urban roads and streets in different parts of the world. Some new residents have arrived. To be sure, they were always there but operated in the shadows, just beyond our sight and even cognition. But deserted streets have brought them back. Wild mountain goats walk past glass-fronted shops... Continue Reading →

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