Evaluating Technology: Lessons from the Amish

For most of us, the adoption of new technology in our lives is a sign of progress and progressive thinking. We badly want to be 'in sync' with the ever-expanding trajectories of technology. We assure ourselves that the choices that we make in this regard come out of a careful calculation of costs and benefits.... Continue Reading →

Arguing for Intelligent Design, intelligently

For a philosopher of science, Stephen C. Meyer communicates with clarity. He does not hide behind heavy weight words that punch one’s interest off a topic. In both his works, Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt, he pushes his arguments quite elaborately and with a lot of skill. The central thesis is controversial, to... Continue Reading →

The Hunt for Life on Mars: Then and Now

The sudden bloom of the red and white parachute, layers of heat shields sloughing off and tumbling down, gentle waving of the ever-nearing red surface, emergence of ultra-clear details of an undulating rocky terrain climaxed by a flurry of dust and pebbles marked the descent of Perseverance on the Jezero crater in Mars. In my... Continue Reading →

I woke up to…birds

The dark cloud of the shutdown has a few thin silver linings. Pleasant sights and sounds that were grimed over by the urban glare and din have reemerged, cleansed as it were, by the absence of dust and traffic. Urbanites, across the globe, have seen spectacles that seem straight out of a post-apocalyptic novel. I... Continue Reading →

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